In a disrupted world, non-financial value matters more than ever.
A new program helps advisors deliver it and thrive.


Millions of Baby Boomers are leaving their assets to spouses and Next Gen, who want help not just with financial well-being, but also with emotional well-being. If they don’t get what they want, 80% of spouses and 95% of Next Gen are expected to transfer their assets away.

The Indispensable Advisor program helps you deliver well-being content at scale so you retain and attract the Next Generation and beyond.

“Since my husband died, I’ve struggled with regret. The content in the virtual seminar made a real difference for me. My son attended too, and he also found it surprisingly useful. It wasn’t what we were expecting, and we’re so grateful that our advisor made this program available to us.”

— Mary C., client


You log in to and watch a series of videos that help you deepen your understanding of well-being and integrate it into your value proposition.

Then you share special resources with clients, including signed books, a client review piece, and a virtual client event, so you deliver well-being at scale, and you measure the results on client satisfaction and referrals.

It all happens virtually, and it includes access to an exclusive community of top advisors across the firm so you can ask questions, share experiences, and hear what’s working for them.

Which bonds give clients the highest return?

Family bonds


The entire program is 12 weeks. There are 6 on-demand lessons, each with specific exercises to strengthen well-being as a component of the client experience.

You log in and download an audio file and complete the lesson on your own time. Andy will review your work and give you coaching feedback virtually. Each lesson builds on the previous ones, without your having to go anywhere. 

The first advisors will begin piloting the program in mid-2021. 

The heart of the program is about deepening client peace of mind and then asking clients for other families they would like to share this with.

The program gives you a framework, language, a client review piece, signed books, a virtual client event, and a peer coaching community, all focused on making well-being a greater part of your client experience during one of the most disruptive periods in modern history.

$1500 per advisor, including your associate, who also receives training. This includes signed copies of Breaking the Stress Cycle to send to clients, proprietary tools and scripts to introduce well-being to clients, 12 weeks of coaching and community access, and 12 weeks of access for you, your associate, and your immediate families so that the people you care about also live happier lives.



Participation requires manager approval. If you are interested, fill out the form below. You are not obligated to commit if you express interest.

Firms have never trained people in empathy and well-being because until recently clients weren't seeking it. If you think you already deliver emotional well-being tools in every one of your client relationships (especially with spouses and Next Gen), maybe there's a junior partner on your team who you think would be a good candidate for this program. But the best advisors are often the best because they believe they can always improve, and they lead by example.

After the 12 weeks end, you will be recognized for your accomplishment by your peers, and you will be invited to an optional extension program that helps you continue applying these skills with coaching support and access to the proprietary tools and community. But you don't need to think about this until later, when the ROI of this program will be clearer.

No. You must be approved my your manager, and only selected advisors are eligible.

About Your Coach

Andy Bernstein is the author of Breaking the Stress Cycle and the founder of the Resilience Academy. He has taught regularly at Wharton Executive Education since 2007, as well as companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

Andy has a special focus within wealth management, where he has helped thousands of advisors and clients learn a new way to eliminate stress and strengthen team and family dynamics.

The Indispensable Advisor program (new for 2021) helps you improve client satisfaction, referrals, and your own morale by making well-being a core part of your value proposition and prospecting strategy.

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