A new program helps top financial advisors deliver it and thrive.


As Next Gen inherits $68 Trillion from their aging parents, they want advisors who can help them with emotional well-being. Covid only intensified this need — for everyone.

For growth-oriented advisors, this is an opportunity to take your value proposition and your service model to the next level.

A new virtual program helps you deliver well-being tools so you become truly indispensable to Next Gen and beyond.

“Since my husband died, I’ve struggled with regret. The content in the virtual seminar made a real difference for me. My son attended too, and he also found it surprisingly useful. It wasn’t what we were expecting, and we’re so grateful that our advisor made this program available to us.”

— Mary C., client


You log in to and watch short videos that deepen your understanding of emotional well-being — how it works, what disrupts it, and what improves it fastest.

Then you share special tools with clients, prospects, and COIs to increase their well-being and deepen their connection to you, tracking the impact on client satisfaction and referrals.

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Which bonds give clients the highest return?

Family bonds. (And if you're not helping Next Gen invest wisely in these, they will find an advisor who does.)

About Your Coach

Andy Bernstein has taught regularly at Wharton Executive Education since 2007, as well as companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

Andy also has a special focus within wealth management, from regional events to the main stage at Barrons. Thousands of top advisors have used his tools to improve their own lives, and to add meaningful non-financial value to grateful clients.

The new Indispensable Advisor program helps advisors take well-being to the next level in their business and in their own lives.

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There are 5 on-demand lessons, each with specific exercises to strengthen well-being as a component of the advisor-client relationship. Each exercise may take you 1-2 weeks to complete, but you get access to the site for a full year so that you can integrate these tools into your business and your life.

You log in, watch videos, and complete the lessons when it's convenient for you. You receive coaching feedback virtually. 

There are 5 video lessons that teach you how to integrate well-being into your value proposition. You watch the videos and complete the related exercises, submitting your work through the website. Then you put the lessons into practice over the course of the year, integrating well-being into your business.

The program includes access to the training and coaching content for up to four people (for example, 1 advisor and 3 associates, or 2 advisors and 2 associates). The cost is $350 a month or $2000 a year.

Membership includes signed copies of Andy Bernstein's book to send to clients and prospects, free passes for participants, an eye-opening client review piece to deepen conversations, and more.

Just one referral using these tools more than pays for the program. And the changes this program can facilitate in you, your team, and your family is worth many more times than what you pay.

Members are also eligible to host virtual or in-person client events with Andy Bernstein at a discount. Sponsorship can also participate if desired.

If you think you already deliver emotional well-being tools in every one of your client relationships (especially with spouses and Next Gen), maybe there's a junior partner on your team who you think would be a good candidate for this program. But the best advisors are often the best because they believe they can always improve, and they lead by example.

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You built your business in a Baby Boomer world,
but Next Gen is taking the reins...

And they know that money alone is not enough for them to truly thrive.

They appreciate your industry awards and credentials, but they also want to see how you can help them in ways money can’t buy. How can you make a difference in their marriage, or with values conflicts? How can you help their kids?

Start integrating well-being into your practice today so you don’t get left behind.

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